Does your cat enhance or slow down home work productivity?

If you work at home, and a lot of us do at a computer, does your cat enhance your productivity or slow you down? Does he get in the way in the nicest possible way? Cats do get in the way of actually doing something on the computer because the domestic cat is in direct competition with the computer. Or the cat sees the computer as competition if you are working in bed and the computer is on your lap. It is either the cat or the computer on the lap.

Gabriel next to me while I write this post.
Gabriel next to me while I write this post.
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Therefore The initial assessment is that domestic cats get in the way of productive work on a computer. But it need not be confined to the computer. It might be any form of home based work. The domestic cat does like a bit of attention and rightly so.

So, okay, we concede that our cat can get in the way. But that does not necessarily mean that work productivity is slowed. In fact, the opposite might be the case. Computer work is inherently bad for our health. The work is too static. We sit down too much. This is not good for our digestion. It not good for our muscles, bones and back. You can get a stiff neck and all manner of other ailments if you work at a computer too long in one position.

Gabriel won the competition between  himself and my computer.
Gabriel won the competition between himself and my computer.

This is where a little bit of cat disturbance goes a long way to improving productivity. He or she will force you to take a break. He’ll force you to see the light: the light of common sense to not become overly immersed in that damned computer and to realise there are other, more important aspects to your life than fiddling around on a computer, namely enjoying the beauty of a gentle companionship with another species of animal who is your friend and who is always there for you.

Your cat is a little bit of nature right there with you at all times; a reminder that we should connect with nature for the benefit of our soul and general health. Our cat is an antidote to technology. The word is being swamped by technology. The world is becoming too complicated. We are being run by geeks.

Such a beautifully straightforward relationship between cat and person; it must recharge the batteries, take us back to nature, renew us and make us more productive when we are drawn once again back to the damned computer. Our cat companion performs a valuable service when he gets in the way of our work at home. He reminds us that our life needs to be in balance and this means to connect with nature.

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  1. Samirah usually curls up on my bed and takes her nap when I’m on the computer. She’s not much of a work distraction and will actually sit there and watch videos on my big monitor, especially if she sees and hears a dog or another cat. You’re right, computer work can be bad for your health. I time myself. Every one or two hours I get up and move around.


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