Does your cat like you quiz?

This is a “Does your cat like you quiz!” You can make of it what you want. It can’t be 100% guaranteed to tell you whether your cat likes you or not. All it can do is indicate that you’ve got a bond between yourself and your cat which in turn indicates that your cat likes you. It is a bit of fun more than anything else. It is not science!

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I’ll state the obvious: it is the human who dictates whether their cat likes them or not. The human creates the environment and manages the relationship. The cat is responsive to what the human does. On that note, a person should know whether their cat likes them or not because they would have created the environment in which their cat is bound to like them. Nonetheless a quiz like this has some value because it reminds people as to the sort of behaviour that cats engage in when there is a bond between them and their human caregiver. The quiz scenarios are not comprehensive. There are many more.

The quiz sets out various scenarios and a cat’s behavior under the circumstances. A ‘correct’ answer indicates that your cat likes you.

Does your cat like you quiz

Play this quiz to find out if your cat likes you. I have covered various situations and asked how your cat behaves under these circumstances. There are several scenarios. Choose the described cat behavior and move on to the next. A 'correct' answer indicates that your cat likes you! 🙂

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