Dog and Cat Videos Break Conventional View

Dog and Cat Videos Break Conventional View

by Michael
(London, UK)

It doesn’t take much searching on YouTube to find a multitude of really sweet and funny videos that break any conventional views that we might have that the dog’s mortal enemy is the cat.

I mean this is the old age view but is it correct? I really am not sure. If both are socialised nicely during that critical early phase in their lives (2 – 7 weeks in a cat) then they should get on. And there is every chance that that is the case as most dogs are pedigree purebred in the UK, which means they were bred and breeders socialise their dogs (or should). Interestingly most cats are not purebreds in the UK.

And sometimes they get on famously. Here is a video that shows a cat that is the most patient, mild mannered and nicely behaved cat of all:

Although you will note that at the end the cat grabs the dog’s throat in his jaws! This is only play, though. The dog whines at bit!!

Here is another chosen at random. This time it is the cat who ‘pesters’ the dog to distraction with his or her love. The dog is Mr Laid Back hisself…

Like I said, in the domestic cat and dog world the classic rules of dog hate cat are completely shattered because we like to keep both; in which case there has to be socialisation of both.

That said it is not always that way. Thanks to Tracey for showing me the top video in the first place. It’s a LOL VID..

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Dog and Cat Videos Break Conventional View

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