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  1. I had recently visited a resort in the “Little Rann of Kutch” in Gujarat called “Rann Riders” which had a horse stud farm and a “Old McDonalds” farm complete with pet geese, ducks, peacocks dogs and cats. I was surprised to see two Labrador retrievers and a St Bernard get along excellently with the two free living Traditional Persian cats.It was also for the first time in my life that i saw Persian cats leading the typical farm cat life normally a reserve of the common Moggy cat.I have posted a photo of myself with one of the cats, a male( identical copy of “Matata” in Mumbai) named “Snowbell” while the labrador “Moti” and the St Bernard “Freya” sleep peacefully on the resort estate.

    • This is interesting Rudolph. Persians who are usually coach potatoes being farm cats and getting along nicely with a couple of dogs. Perhaps this is the way it should be always. Going back to the last century, there were more farm cats and I am sure they were socialised to farm dogs so they more or less got along. Behind the Persian’s pampered fluffiness is a normal cat waiting to get out.

  2. Many years ago I had a male Boxer dog when I adopted two kittens. Despite being siblings,the kittens never got on that great and as adults, had as little to do with each other as possible. However the male kitten and the dog became best friends. They loved playing together in the garden and were affectionate towards each other.

    I’m of the opinion that it’s down to the personality and temperament of the individual animal as to how sociable or tolerant of others they are.

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