Dog carries cat by scruff of neck under request to hide

Dog carries cat by scruff
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Dog carries cat by scruff. Screenshot.

This is a cute video from China (we are told it is China). I know China is in the news at the moment in a bad way (coronavirus) but this video is interesting and I have described it as cute.

Three dogs and a cat are sleeping together in a what appears to be the window of an opticians or some other medical service. The owner is female.

She tells the dogs to go to the rear of the shop and hide because the next customer is frightened of dogs. Fair enough.

The last dog to go to the rear of the room is then told by the woman to return and collect the cat. Remember that the woman is videoing the whole thing so she knows that what happens is cute and interesting. She has trained the dogs to remove themselves on her order.

As instructed, the dog returns and collects the cat by the scruff of the neck as a mother cat would when moving her young. Only this is a dog and the cat is not young! The cat is unconcerned. They are clearly very good friends.

One aspect of the video is that there are obviously many Chinese people in China (if this is China) who love companion animals. Why, then, do they allow the people in the south to abuse domestic animals so horrendously in cat and dog meat markets and in the fur trade? It is schizophrenic. We also know that there are 20,000 live animal markets in China, currently temporarily closed because of Covid-19, where wild animals are abused too. Why do animal lovers in China accept all the animal abuse in their country? Just asking.

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