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Dog Carries Cat Home Across His Shoulders — 4 Comments

  1. It looks like the dog was taught to get the cat and take it into the house, the woman gives the dog commands when it gets distracted. The cat doesn’t seem to mind though. I guess most people would just call the cat indoors.

  2. Cute video.
    But, I have a problem with any dog deemed as a hunter, especially a Jack Russell. I assume that a pinscher is similar. They frenzy like sharks. Two Jack Russells killed several cats in our neighborhood. And, one nearly ripped the face off of a baby. Why they were free-roaming is beyond me.
    However, they have been re-homed now with someone in the Forest who just loves that breed, and they are out of here. Thank goodness.

  3. It amazes me at times what animals will put up with. I agree, these two must be best friends. My Aussie and Siamese were best friends and would sleep and play together. And watch the kids, too.

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