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Dog cognition does not look exceptional or in other words dogs aren’t cleverer than cats! — 3 Comments

  1. Cats and dogs are different species. Both make suitable animal companions. I just prefer one that doesn’t drool and pant. The sound of a dog panting literally makes my skin crawl. I kept rats from any years and chickens are incredibly social. Within every species there is a wide level of intelligence. Most companion animals never reach their full intellectual potential because like raising a child it requires a great deal of interaction and time. Most dogs are horrendous only because they have been poorly socialized and trained. Cats suffer from the idea you don’t have to train them.
    Realistically the more domesticated a species becomes the less intellect which should not be confused with instinct and attainability an animal will have. The more wild left in a species the more work they are to handle. Which is why I think cats get such a bad rap as being hard to train. All in all the debate over intelligence is moot it really comes down to personal preference and choosing a companion animal that you not only find attractive and fun to interact with but suits your lifestyle.
    I forgot about rabbits and goats and horses that are handled with love and trained with species appropriate methods. I have never tried clicker training on a rabbit but since I know it can be done with rats i see no reason why a home raised rabbit would not respond.

  2. It’s good to see Dr Osterhaus’s research developing a more ethological slant. She is to be lauded for that bravery.

    Pigeons are wonderfully sociable, intelligent beings. Rats are the same. Most humans dislike both species, because they exploit the waste that humans leave around the environment. The concept of “vermin” is plain stupid.

    Surely it is possible for humans to celebrate the unique qualities of each species without resorting to silly tribal, playground flame wars?

    Here’s hoping influential humans start recognising that other species have emotional intelligence too.

    Other species have the intelligence they need to survive without destroying their environment. Humans seem to lack that. Pity.

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