Dog Eager to Play with Cat Buddy Who is Defiantly Uninterested

This is a video of a dog desperate to play with his cat friend who is unmoved by the energetic and impressive efforts of the dog to excite his buddy into playing.

I like the way the dog does rapid circles in an effort to encourage his friend to play. And when the cat walks away disinterested, the dog chases after her and tries to provoke a response by poking with his paw. The dog is impressive in his persistence and energy levels.

But there is nothing the dog can do to engage the cat in play. It’s sad really. However, we all know the feeling of failing to get someone to do something that we’d like them to do.

1 thought on “Dog Eager to Play with Cat Buddy Who is Defiantly Uninterested”

  1. I don’t really find this humorous. The dog is very annoying to the cat. Not a good position for any dog to be in if he values his eyes and face. The film makers are idiots rather than caretakers.


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