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Dog fatally attacks cat at grooming parlour — 15 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for your kind mention.

    I was horrified by this story but, like you state, their are some good cat groomers out there. Cat owners just need to ask questions and also ask to stay when their cat is being groomed so they can see exactly how it is being treated. I always groom with my clients present at all times. Thank you for posting.

  2. This is a terribly sad story and the only one to blame is the groomer who put the dog in with the cat and then left the room. That they then lied to the owner about what had really happened is despicable. Had she known the truth she could have taken her cat straight to a vet and they may have been able to save her. No amount of money is going to replace their much loved pet, but I hope the grooming salon has to pay a huge amount of compensation as that may be more likely to ensure they take better care in the future.

    I’m not going to bash anyone for taking their cat to a groomer because I’ve considered the idea myself. My newest rescue has long, silky fur and though it’s nowhere near as long or as thick as Sophie’s was, it mats very easily. I searched on-line for a cat only groomer but couldn’t find one in my area, so I had one of the vet nurses clip out a few mats for me. (These were on the armpits and inner thighs, which Phoebe isn’t too keen on having combed.)

    There are very few cat only groomers, but during my research I came across a great sounding one in London called Anita Kelsey, who is also a cat behaviourist.

  3. Michael, that is very sad indeed. . . I am fortunate. . . My cat’s groomer is a vet tech at my veterinarian’s office — so I feel very safe having Sissy there. Out of my 12 kitties, she is the only one who needs groomed on a regular basis — she is a Maine Coon mix. . . ♥♥♥

    • Ahh, there’s the difference. You are lucky to have a vet tech. I could trust a vet tech at a good vets. Does Sissy’s fur become matted? Maine Coons do have shaggy long fur.

      • Michael: yes her fur gets matted really badly. . . I get her groomed every year around this time of the year (just got her done 2 wks ago) so she’ll also be nice and cool for summer. . . ♥♥♥

  4. I agree that when we leave our pets with anyone, whether a groomer, vet, boarder, neighbor, friend, or relative, we are taking a risk. We have to know that they will be treated differently, and almost certainly with less regard than we give them.

    Mostly, we will never know what they experienced or “endured” unless it comes to light, as in this case. Many times, pets escape while in someone else’s care. One person I know went to pick up her cat at the vet’s, and the carrier door wasn’t latched properly, and her cat got out, never to be found again. How many pet sitters have let cats escape?

    When I leave the house, I put Mitzy in my room, because I don’t trust that my housemates will make sure she doesn’t run out the door when they open it. She waits for that chance a lot lately.

    The last time I returned from a weekend trip, Mitzy wasn’t behaving normally. I’ll never know why.

    A man lived with me for about 10 months, and he claimed to “love cats”. But I never saw him pet Mitzy or talk to her, and she avoided him. I had left her with him while I did some extended pet sitting, although I did come back daily to check on her. I found out later that this man was a predator, and had a reputation for “gaslighting” women. He was also a pathological liar, and probably lied about loving cats. Mitzy knew something I didn’t.

    So, we all take risks with our pets, and have no reason to consider that our pets may be harmed by other people, in ways that may not show up immediately. Like the videos of cats being tortured by roommates or pet sitters, etc.

    When I picked Mitzy up after a week of (involuntary) boarding at the vet’s, one of the women said that she “hissed” at her. I’ve never seen Mitzy hiss at anyone in the years I’ve had her, and I’m with her nearly 24/7.
    I asked what might have caused this reaction, and she mumbled something about putting her in her carrier. I think she was lying. Cats will usually go into their carrier in a strange environment, because it’s familiar.
    That’s always been my experience. So, something else happened, but I’ll never know.

    Common risks include: outdoors, vaccines, medications, spot-on flea treatments, but most of all, the greatest risk involves something that we subject them to on a daily basis…..a un-natural and un-healthy diet!

    We risk our cat’s health and vitality, for the sake of our convenience, and blind trust in pet food manufacturers, believing all the pretty little lies and delicious looking pictures that lure us in. We buy without question, while adding to their profits, and decreasing the most potent avenue of health for our carnivorous felines.

    I hear “But, they love this food!” Of course they love it, since it’s been sprayed with animal digest, which is as addictive as sugar is to us. Most children will eat candy, and want more, whenever the opportunity arises.

    As POC readers, we can make a difference, and many of us are, by learning what we can about pet foods, and spreading the word to others. Being informed and sharing that information is our greatest power. The truth about pet food is one important area that we can easily become informed about, and the way we can contribute to our cat’s health and longevity.

  5. Persians are definitely in a league of their own and do need grooming, clipping etc once every so often to rid them of mats and worse! My daughter’s persian had to be shaved around once a year as she would get very distressed about being brushed. This was done at the vets and I believe it was under anasthetic. She never felt a thing and was in a much safer environment.

  6. Sure cats do a good job of grooming themselves. But, the fact remain that this “groomer” left a cat alone with a dog and it was injured and later died. Plus, they originally lied about it and only made a statement apologizing for it afterwards. The groomer should have been more attentive in this situation. After all..”if” mostly dogs go in. The attendant grooming the cat should be able to recall..that they groomed a “cat” and NOT FORGET that fact. You are right in a way … I would prefer to let my cat groom themselves or do it myself. BUT they did after all lie about it their blatant, irresponsible negliegence. Just saying!!!

  7. Okay,heres my take,my cat Angus who is now gone from me I had him groomed once a year because he was a long hair and got mats really bad and aye I did try to brush him all the time but I got fed up with my hand getting shredded by him so he first would get some happy juice and then he was good to go to be bathed and shaved,some cats have to be groomed and they dont always clean their own bums,Angus never did and when he would start to smell I would make the appt for him,so thats my take on this!

    • Yes, I agree sometimes we have to groom our cats for various reasons. The usual one is old age when a cat cannot groom properly. Then it is down to us to step in but as I say I’d do it myself. I don’t really agree with groomers.

  8. Yes I agree,cats do a fabulous job of grooming themselves so why bother taking them to a groomer.just the thought of cats having to go through the whole washing and drying process puts me off and it can’t be fun for them unless its a breed that has to be washed regularly. If you want to take an animal to the groomer for all that treatment buy yourself a dog.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I don’t think people realise that there is potential danger at groomers. Perhaps people think they are like vets. They are not. Sometimes cat coats become matted but I’d do the grooming myself if my cat had that problem. You just don’t know what is happening behind closed doors.

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