Dog fatally attacks cat at grooming parlour

Persian cat attacked by dog at groomer. Cat after the grooming
Persian cat attacked by dog at groomers. Cat after the grooming
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A dog fatally attacked a young Persian cat, Jupi Sparkles, at a professional groomers: Classy K9 Clips. This happened in a drying cage. The operative at the professional groomers (which appears to be mainly for dogs) failed to spot the cat in the cage and appears to have placed a dog with the cat, turned on the drier and left the room so the whole affair was unsupervised, at least initially. That is they way I understand this tragic affair.

I felt so bad. She counted on me to keep her safe and I took her somewhere that I trusted and they killed her…My little kids watched her die… (cat’s owner, Melinda Sparks)

The cat survived the attack and was returned to the owner without anything being said except that the groomers suggested the first time grooming session may have shocked the cat. However,  it was soon apparent to the owner that her cat was very poorly and that this was not shock. She acted strangely almost immediately and began foaming at the mouth and was incontinent.

Persian cat attacked by dog at groomer. Son of owner and cat
Persian cat attacked by dog at groomers. Son of owner and cat
Persian cat attacked by dog at groomers. X-ray
Persian cat attacked by dog at groomers. X-ray

On the way to the vet, she died. The vet asked if she had been attacked by something.

“Has something attacked your cat.” (vet)

Of course the owner had no idea at that stage but when she confronted the manager of the grooming parlour, he admitted the error. He then made a statement to the local television company which I have reproduced below (a screenshot).

The full facts will come out in court if a full hearing has to take place because the grooming parlour is being sued for compensation by the cat’s owner. It is almost certain they will agree compensation.

Persian cat attacked by dog at groomers. Statement
Persian cat attacked by dog at groomers. Statement

Lessons learned? Don’t bother with any professional groomers. Why have your cat groomed professionally when all cats groom themselves superbly well all on their own. Why did this lady have her young Persian shorn of fur? What is the point? (note: I accept that sometimes cats can’t groom themselves adequately such as in old age but under these circumstances I’d still avoid a professional groomer). There is also the shock factor. We should avoid putting our cats through stressful situations.

This is not the first time a cat has died at a professional groomers. There have been cases of cats being killed by driers that are too hot or the session was too long.

I am coming to the conclusion that professional groomers are potentially dangerous for cats because the staff are not professionals in the true sense of the word.

Source: Woman says pet groomer killed her cat – KGTV ABC10 San Diego 

15 thoughts on “Dog fatally attacks cat at grooming parlour”

  1. Thanks so much for your kind mention.

    I was horrified by this story but, like you state, their are some good cat groomers out there. Cat owners just need to ask questions and also ask to stay when their cat is being groomed so they can see exactly how it is being treated. I always groom with my clients present at all times. Thank you for posting.

  2. This is a terribly sad story and the only one to blame is the groomer who put the dog in with the cat and then left the room. That they then lied to the owner about what had really happened is despicable. Had she known the truth she could have taken her cat straight to a vet and they may have been able to save her. No amount of money is going to replace their much loved pet, but I hope the grooming salon has to pay a huge amount of compensation as that may be more likely to ensure they take better care in the future.

    I’m not going to bash anyone for taking their cat to a groomer because I’ve considered the idea myself. My newest rescue has long, silky fur and though it’s nowhere near as long or as thick as Sophie’s was, it mats very easily. I searched on-line for a cat only groomer but couldn’t find one in my area, so I had one of the vet nurses clip out a few mats for me. (These were on the armpits and inner thighs, which Phoebe isn’t too keen on having combed.)

    There are very few cat only groomers, but during my research I came across a great sounding one in London called Anita Kelsey, who is also a cat behaviourist.

  3. Michael, that is very sad indeed. . . I am fortunate. . . My cat’s groomer is a vet tech at my veterinarian’s office — so I feel very safe having Sissy there. Out of my 12 kitties, she is the only one who needs groomed on a regular basis — she is a Maine Coon mix. . . ♥♥♥

    • Ahh, there’s the difference. You are lucky to have a vet tech. I could trust a vet tech at a good vets. Does Sissy’s fur become matted? Maine Coons do have shaggy long fur.

      • Michael: yes her fur gets matted really badly. . . I get her groomed every year around this time of the year (just got her done 2 wks ago) so she’ll also be nice and cool for summer. . . ♥♥♥


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