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Dog Grew Up with Two Cats and Uses Cat Tree (photo) — 8 Comments

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    • John, when your website is up and running properly come back and leave a comment then but it is too early now because your sites is not ready. I don’t mind you promoting your cat trees.

  2. Here’s Cujo with Furby. He’s a cat-dog. He’s an only dog and since we lost Dreyfuss when Cujo was only 6 months old, he was basically raised by the cats.

  3. I had 2 great dogs for several years (died at 16 y/o and 17 y/o) and they adored cats. Cats were the only playmates that they ever had beside each other and myself.
    I always found it odd that my cats never emulated the dogs, but the dogs emulated the cats a lot. My dogs would crouch and shake their behinds just before lurching at a toy or a cat sibling; when I took them outside, they would roll around with my cats in the same fashion (there’s nothing like the scent of that dead, flat frog in the middle of the road). They begged when the cats begged. And, near the ends of their lives, they would only eat cat food.

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