Dog in Ireland hailed a hero after he leads rescuers to a kitten trapped in a wall

A trapped kitten is safe and in the hands of rescue, thanks to the joint efforts of North Dublin Cat Rescue team and the Dublin, Ireland Fire Brigade.

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Oh, and we mustn’t forget the dog hero who led rescuers to the trapped kitten.

Mac literally saved a kitten when he sniffed the kitten stuck inside a wall. Mac, best friend to a lady named Karen, barked and continued barking until he got everyone’s attention.

furry hero Mac

Thanks to his persistence, the kitten, now dubbed Ralphie, is with a rescue who will help Ralphie find a forever home.

According to a September 30 Facebook post by the fire brigade,

“This afternoon our C Watch crew from Finglas Fire Station were called to a very tricky rescue.

The team from @northdublincatrescue were alerted by the owner of a property to a kitten stuck in a wall cavity. The family dog was suspicious of a scent and kept barking until his owner investigated further.

Unable to reach the kitten the North Dublin Cat Rescue team requested our help.

Careful use of a kango hammer drill and some precise measurements little Ralphie was rescued in perfect condition. He is now in the care of the rescue organisation.”

This Facebook video shows the beginning of rescue efforts to break through the wall (may be very slow to load so please be patient)

Photos courtesy of Facebook: Dublin Fire Brigade and Facebook: North Dublin Cat Rescue.

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