Dog insists on joining owner in ambulance

Dog insists on joining owner in ambulance
Video screenshot showing the dog insisting on joining their owner as the ambulance is driven away. It stopped and they let him/her join them.
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In an act of total loyalty this dog succeeded in convincing the ambulance crew to allow them to accompany their owner inside the ambulance after having been initially shoved out onto the road and left behind. The dog refused to accept it and forced the crew to change their mind and open the door.

We can’t be surprised as we see this kind of unconditional loyalty all the time from dogs towards their human caregiver. It is instinctive as the man or woman is the alpha dog in the pack (the human family). The leading dog is the guide and they are followed loyally. The bond is not just for a limited time as is the case for the majority of human partnerships but for their life.

Although the video does not surprise, it impresses immensely. If only humans could be as good. As loyal. As bonded.

The video is from the Twitter feed of Anton Gerashchenko who speaks up for Ukraine in the war. I wonder if this occurred in Ukraine. I think it did and the dog’s owner may well have been one of the many thousands who have been killed or injured by Russia’s indiscriminate bombardment of civilian buildings.

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