Dog on leash meets cat on leash outside. See what happens

Dog on lead meets cat on lead outside see what happens
Dog on lead meets cat on lead outside see what happens. Video screenshot.
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The dog is more nervous than the cat even though he’s much bigger. The cat is confident and therefore there is no doubt that he or she has been socialised to dogs. In fact, you can hear the woman speaking in the video saying that he is socialised to working dogs, I think she said. The dog wants to meet but is timid. It’s all about socialisation because if both these animals were not socialised to the other species it wouldn’t have happened like this. The dog could have chased the cat and the cat would have been frightened probably and perhaps even have encouraged the dog to chase.

It is certainly unusual for a video to be made of a cat on a lead meeting a dog on a lead outside for the first time in what looks like a park area. It’s something that crosses my mind if I took my cat outside on a lead. What would I do if we met a dog. I don’t think it would have ended up like this because my cat has never met a dog. Both the owners are very relaxed about it so they were confident it wouldn’t go wrong. The woman who owns the cat is doing the videoing.

Please note that sometimes these videos stop working for reasons beyond my control. If that has happened I apologise. Eventually it will stop working it just depends when but it may last a few years.


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