Dog picked his kitten friend at a farm and they’ve been in love ever since

It is said that this dog and cat behave like a reincarnated elderly couple of married humans. I think they’re better than that to be honest because often an elderly couple are not really in love anymore and certainly not as loving to each other as Meadow the dog and Twig the cat, chosen by Meadow.

Their caregiver is LeeAnn Babirad from New York. She has a TikTok account and the video below has gone viral. It is not that uncommon, to be honest, to see cats and dogs this friendly with each other. I just think that this story has been made a little bit special because of the idea of a reincarnated elderly couple of lovers becoming a cat and dog.

Also, the singing voice of the woman in the accompanying music is absolutely gorgeous. TikTok do provide some wonderful spoken and singing voices. There is a voice-over provided by an American woman and it is probably the best female voice you will ever hear. It is a complete delight.

Cat and dog lovers, Twig and Meadow
Cat and dog lovers, Twig and Meadow. Screenshot.
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LeeAnn said: “So, I took Meadow to a private farm to pick out her own kitty. These two approached other and the rest is history. They’ve been best friends ever since”. Looks like Twig picked out Meadow πŸ˜‰.

As expected, she said that they do everything together including play, sleep and eat. They even watch what is going on out of the window together. This is pet television so they’re just doing what humans do when they watch real television. It also reinforces the belief that this is a reincarnated couple of human lovers.

And LeeAnn has a nice caption for her video: “If we could all love each other like this cat (Twig) and dog (Meadow) do”.

I sense that she is hinting at the horrendous Russian invasion of Ukraine specifically but set against that there a general background of too much inter-human hostility across the planet.

The video is bound to please viewers. People need this kind of video today. I also feel that the world is becoming too competitive, too self-interested, anxiety-inducing and unsettled. I don’t know whether you feel the same way but that is what I sense is being felt by a significant percentage of people wherever they live especially children.

The video has an added poignancy because Meadow lost his dog friend and selected a cat friend. He’s happy again. He’s made people happy through his behaviour and I always like to see interspecies friendships. They have a special meaning: that the various human races can and should get along far better than they do.

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