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Dog Rescued With Her Unweaned Kitten — 8 Comments

  1. I so hope they remain together what a beautiful bond she really is that kittens mom doesn’t matter to her that she didn’t give birth to him she loves him all the same. I would be curious to know how they came upon one another yet I would imagine any little creature desperate to survive would go to any lengths. This story reminded of when our horrible ex neighbours threw their kitten out into the snow because he had a poorly tummy I went out to get our German Shepherd in and found the kitten lying snuggled up to his chest. I hate these unfeeling people who just want rid of a problem 🙁
    Sorry Im getting maudlin
    This is a lovely story and I’m so glad they found the kitten as well or she may not have survived and that gorgeous little dog would have pined as well. So glad they are both safe 🙂

  2. Sorry, Boys! But, if I were lactating, I wouldn’t hesitate to nurse any animal in need.
    There is no unwritten rule that says nurturing must be species specific.
    We are the prejudiced ones.

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