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Dog Steps in to Protect a Cat Friend — 10 Comments

  1. Yes that cat really looked intimidated, I’d like to know the story behind this, do the three live together normally, does the dog get on well with both cats or only one, do the cats normally live together ok or is one bullied constantly. A nice little film though, the dog was the good Samaritan for sure.

      • Could well be. In households where there are more than one cat it is not uncommon for a hierarchy to be set up and for one cat to be dominant within the group and this can cause problems with the other cats using the cat litter and when feeding. Cat owners should be aware of this possibility.

    • A nice thing about this is that the dog just stands there facing down the bullying cat. He does nothing else and the dog’s demeanour sends a clear message to the cat. It is very human-like.

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