Dog stops cat friend from getting involved in a fight

Dog stops cat friend getting into a fight over territory
Dog stops cat friend getting into a fight over territory
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This is such a pure act. It is hard not to decide that this sweet dog is deliberately stopping his/her cat companion from getting involved in a fight. Cats are territorial so this cat is ready to have a bust up with a stranger cat who has come onto the scene. The cat’s dog buddy uses his good sense and stops him. It’s a great video. Another dog looks on wisely thinking what silly things cats get up to.

The cat has a harness. This should mean that he or she is walked on a lead from time to time. The dog carries his cat over by grabbing the harness in his mouth. The video is about a number of behaviors: dogs and cats being close friends, cats being obsessed with protecting their territory (home range) and dogs protecting cats.

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