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Dog versus cat: Let’s talk injuries, torture, death and equal punishment under felony animal cruelty laws — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, dogs are valued more highly than cats. The reason is that dogs look up to humans as their leader while cats are independent and see humans as equals. Humans like to be looked up to by animals because humans are so damned arrogant. This makes humans more generous towards dogs in terms of value i.e. the dog is a servant to their human master and the human rewards the dog with increased value. Both with cats and dogs the bottom line is that humans treat companion animals as possessions with a relative value. That’s my theory.

    • I’ve also thought that some men will target cats because they have traditionally been seen as a woman’s pet. This could come in handy when you’re pissed at your mom or your girlfriend. A good method of control over another person, or so I would imagine.

  2. oh you really want to get me started!!! If you also want to add that there was the torture of Sage the cat in Utah. What a horrific torture by someone so evil and demented that words could not describe and although they had the opportunity for the evidence, law enforcement never pursued it. Let’s also talk about hoarding. Oh how it really makes the news and stirs up the country when a dog hoarder is reported. For instance in Cabarrus County. This week the case of a hoarder of dogs made the news. Oh, AC went it and wanted to make sure the public knew. However several of us have reported a cat hoarder in this county for years, horrible neglect. One lady even went so far as to contact the state and she may have driven out to Raleigh. However the man was cited nothing and kittens continued to lay and die from distemper and I am guessing they still are to this day. Then the case of the cats behind Wal Mart that some paid company came in and trapped them, witnesses confirmed they did. However no explanation from Wal Mart management yet on who it was and where these cats are that they “stole”. Yes, they are considered stolen cats. I could go on and on and on. It is up to US to push for more news coverage and blast it to the world. Even wildlife has more protection under the law. What a farce. I will fight for all and it makes me sick to my stomach and causes many sleepless nights to know that our law enforcement and judicial system can choose and pick when to apply the law. Get my pulpit. I feel a sermon coming on.

    • Let us also not forget the railroad riders that tortured the cat in Ashville. Walked away. The mind cannot even grasp how that cat suffered. I say it is time for an underground who can handle these situations.

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