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Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan is Under Investigation on Allegations of Cruelty to Animals — 5 Comments

  1. I’m just wondering why he didn’t try introduce the pig and the dog on opposite sides of that fence instead of sticking them in the same enclosure like that. Am I missing something ?

  2. Personally, I will just have to lop Millan in the same category as most psychics, ie. scamming.

    He’s not a whisperer but a yeller.

    I’ve seen some of Millan and he uses fear tactics. They may work for him but not for the caretaker taking a dog home. In this case, that really stupid caretaker who just stood and watched needs to relinquish the dog.

    Millan lost complete control of that dog from the beginning. And, to have removed the dog’s collar and have the pig restrained is, absolutely, abuse.

  3. I have watched Cesar Millan many times and to be honest I have been impressed with his skills and he has faced and helped dogs which I wouldn’t go anywhere near.
    Having said that no animal of any sort should be put in harms way whilst he is training, in this case he messed up. He has worked with Bull breeds before and should know better than to underestimate their level of determination. But I believe he does far more good than harm.

    • Millan is flashy and I bet Nat Geo Wild is thrilled with his ratings, but I do suggest that you read the articles I posted on my comment written by a professional trainer who IS kind and compassionate to the animals with whom she works.

      Terriers are predators. They were bred to kill small rodents, etc, and hunting and killing “prey” is strictly instinctual. So Millan seemed to forget the nature of Terriers and made a huge number of mistakes. No pig should have been harmed. No animals should be man-handled.

  4. I wanted to share an excellent blog about this subject, written by a professional dog trainer that someone shared with me. It explains a great deal about training. In the USA anyone can call themselves a professional dog trainer. In many countries trainers must be certified and pass an exam to get licensed. Millan failed one of these exams.


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