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Dogs Could Cause Cat Scratch Fever — 5 Comments

  1. I wish that I could wave a magic wand and make all humans rational enough to know that they are the cause of 95% of the transmissional diseases and conditions on this planet. Trying to divert the blame to other creatures is cowardly.

    Bartonella hensalae is carried in fleas (particularly sand fleas), body lice and ticks. At least 2 of these cannot be completely attributed to any animal that is nonhuman.

    I’ve always found it intriguing that humans can never transmit their digusting diseases to animals. It’s almost as if they are the chosen ones.

    • Whenever there is an Internet discussion about zoonotic diseases we always discuss the transmission of disease from an animal to human and never from human to an animal, as you state. This is because the human is very arrogant and often very ignorant at the same time

      • Even if it’s proven that dogs or other animals can transmit the disease, the misnomer “cat scratch fever” will stick. As Ruth says, it provides one of the excuses for declawing. I daresay feral/stray cat haters use it when labelling them as disease-ridden vermin.

        It is recognised that humans can transmit some illnesses to animals. Tourists on trips to see mountain gorillas are warned to maintain their distance for this very reason.

        Years ago I was fortunate enough to swim with ex-captive dolphins now living free in Israel. We were told in no uncertain terms that we were not allowed to touch or approach them, unless they came to us. They mentioned at the time that dolphins are vulnerable to certain human infections or that rough handling could cause skin damage leading to infection.

        • I like the dolphin story. A recognition that humans can spread disease to animals. I think one of the problems is that we don’t consider ourselves as animals. We are above the nasty parasites and bacteria that infests “animals”. We are sterile and perfect. Cats are smelly and disease-ridden. Human arrogance is breath taking.

  2. Yes dogs claws are much more dangerous than cats claws. I remember our late mother had a very bad arm which never healed up, a dog jumped at her in her wheelchair and tore the skin. It was the owner’s fault of course for not keeping it under control.
    Her own 4 cats never ever scratched her!
    It makes me so angry that there is shock and horror if anyone suggests declawing a dog, yet they think it’s acceptable to declaw a cat.
    What difference? None! No animal should be declawed.

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