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Dogs see their owner as pack leader. What do cats see their owner as? — 1 Comment

  1. Milk treading is considered broadly to be a ‘seeking’ behaviour. Seeking food, comfort, shelter, companionship, relief from pain, attention – so many states! Purring can happen and have a different tone (message) depending on the need of the cat.

    Bonded infant, adolescent, adult and elderly cat companions will often milk tread on each other when they rest together. Often as a precursor or interval to allo-grooming.

    I’ve seen many a contented cat, happily milk treading, standing, sitting or lying down on a comfy resting place. Unbothered by human hand, eye or vicinity.

    It can be a self comforting, reassuring, expression of happiness too I believe.

    Jonathan Balcombe & Jeffrey Masson (both excellent, modern, published ethologists) have much good information on the expression of emotions & thought in other species.

    Small adult cats greeting larger adult cat friends will often lift their front halves up to reach the face, neck of the larger cat.

    I think cats probably feel a bit sorry for humans, we are very slow and indirect to them.

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