Dogs with Cats

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DOg licking cat
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Photograph copyright Mathieu Struck 
Dog playing with cat
Photograph copyright meknits
Dog lying on top of cat
Photograph copyright myriorama – this is my favorite on this page. *****
Cat looking down at dog
Photograph copyright NiteLynx
This area is blank because it used to have an advert in it which has been deleted.Dog nursing a cat
Photograph copyright CW Cohenour

What makes dogs and cats get on? Socialisation at a young age. Cats develop social relationships before the age of 7 weeks. If a kitten is raised from birth with a species that may be considered prey (obviously a dog is not prey but the principle is the same), the kitten, when adult, will not prey on that species of animal.

The same principles of socialization apply to cats with humans or cats with dogs. The cats with dogs on this page were raised with the dog I supect. The dog in the picture above right is nursing a rescue kitten who is under 6-7 weeks of age as she/he is not weaned yet. The dog is tolerant of this perhaps because the dog lived with a cat beforehand or maybe still does, I don’t know. Perhaps the photographer can tell me. It is a charming picture taken with a camera-phone.

If dog and cat are introduced to each other later in life there will obviously need to be some adjustment. But all animals can be trained to get on even if one has a hatred of the other through previous poor experiences. A gradual introduction with reward based training i.e. good behavior when the dog and cat are together is rewarded with some thing they like. We are all (humans alike) trained in that way.

dog and cat in front of fire
Photograph copyright aikijuanma
Cat sleeping on top of a dog
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Cat and Dog touch noses
Photograph copyright fazen
Dog and Cat together
Photograph copyright Scott Kinmartin
Cat and Dog looking at each other
Photograph copyright Scott Kinmartin
dog and cat sleeping together
Photograph copyright
poncho trillium jlantzy
Cats sleeping with dog
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cat under dog's ear
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cat on stool dog looking up
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black cat licking dog
Photograph copyright Petteri Sulonen
cat and dog sleeping head to head

Photograph copyright Terry Bain
cat's tail brushing a dog's face
Photograph copyright Noel Zia Lee
cat licking a dog's ear
Photograph copyright allygirl520
cat and dog sleeping together in a box

Photograph copyright northdevonfarmer
little cat's head peaking out of dog's fur  cata and dog kiss       dog cuddling cat  

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