Doll Faced Persian Kittens

by Rudolph.A.Furtado
(Mumbai (India))

"Matata" at home in Mumbai (Saturday 30-5-2009)

I have bred "Doll Faced persian kittens" by mating my 1 year 8 months old white persian cat "Matahari" with the local pet shop stud cat, also a white doll faced. Surprisingly, Queen cat "Matahari" delivered 6 kittens after a gestation period of 67 days, the extreme limit for delivery in cats. 5 of the kittens are white while one has turned into a beautiful freak "Orange colour" a total rarity in "doll faced Persians".

I have bred these persians in Mumbai city under normal humid and hot climatic conditions to demonstrate that "persian cats" are not as delicate or "High Maintenance" cats except the initial "Purchase Price" of a beautiful kitten and the daily hair grooming.

I have posted a photo of "Matata" at 2 months old, no relation to "Hakuna Matata" from the movie "Lion King".

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Doll Faced Persian Kittens

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May 31, 2009 Pleased You Visited
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi, I am very pleased to receive a submission from you as you live in Mumbai. I have been to India and like the country and I know some of the visitors to this website live in India. Thanks for sharing.


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    • Doll face (or faced) Persian kittens are the same prices as any other purebred cat and there are lots of breeders. They cost about $500 (USD) and search the internet for a breeder but pick a good one and visit the breeder before buying. You need to check out facilities.

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