Oliver a cat unnecessarily euthanized at a vets

The picture shows Oliver, an elderly cat who was taken to an animal hospital where he bit vet technician because he was anxious. This set off a chain of events which led to his almost immediate euthanasia (killing) at the hospital for fear that he may have had rabies. The veterinary staff refused to place him into 10 day quarantine which was an option. They insisted that he was euthanised. They lied about their discussion with animal control. The person who took him to the vets (Kaitlin) was very distressed and was unable to save Oliver’s life. You can read the full story if you click on the link just above the photograph. It is an interesting and I believe slightly sinister story of a neglectful, lazy veterinarian who made the decision to euthanise Oliver for her convenience and not in the best interest of her patient. She was, therefore, in breach of her oath as a veterinarian. The can’s owners should do something about this but I doubt that they will.