Domestic cat brings home deadly eastern brown snake stuck in her collar

Snake Catchers Adelaide, on their Facebook page have published a video of a cat coming into her home with a deadly eastern brown snake stuck in her collar. It is amazing. This is the second most deadly snake in the world and it accounts for about 60% of snake bite deaths in Australia.

My guess is that the snake would have been thrashing around when it was being attacked by the cat… – Steve Brown, snake catcher

Cat brings home deadly snake in her collar
Cat brings home deadly snake in her collar. Screenshot.
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The cat’s owner tells us what happened on Facebook after he called the snake catchers:

Rang Snake Catchers Adelaide because my cat had a snake caught in his collar. No bull. Super understanding mob. Super quick to arrive and got the snake out no worries. Looked my cat over. Brilliant work. Super relieved. Cat was bit but had antivenom and is recovering. Fully recommend.

The snake catcher in the video is Steve Brown. The snake was dead and Steve believes the cat killed the snake and got bitten in the mouth which is why she was taken to a vet for an antivenin jab. In the fight the snake became trapped in the collar. He said he’d never seen anything like it in 15 years of catching snakes.


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