Domestic cat defends her kittens with extreme aggression and courage

BAGCILAR, ISTANBUL, TURKEY: This is a video taken from a television screen of a community cat in Istanbul, Turkey, outside a café where a man with his small dog is walking. The female cat has kittens to protect so she instinctively attacks the man who lifts up his dog by the lead to protect him. As you can see he desperately tries to avoid the attack. His trousers start to fall down. People, who I suspect know the cat, intervene to protect the man by gently ushering the cat away allowing the attacked man to escape.

Female cat defends her kittens
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Female cat defends her kittens. Screenshots.

It is a very pure example of how a female domestic or community cat defends her kittens with extreme aggression and courage. There is no fear of being hurt. The commitment is absolute and the instinct is as hardwired as anything can be.

The cat’s name is Azrael which is interesting because there is a cartoon cat by that name. The people who named her must know of the cartoon. In the cartoon, Azrael is a pedigree cat who is owned by a sorcerer whose name is Gargamel. As a cartoon cat he was unusual because he did not speak in a human language and he walked on all four legs. Normally cartoon characters are anthropomorphised (humanised). He had a brown coat. You can read more about it by clicking on this link.

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