Domestic cat doing a beautiful handstand! Freaky.

Domestic cat casually does a handstand
Domestic cat casually does a handstand. Screenshot.
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I expect you to scratch your head as I have when watching this video. I can’t decide whether it is fake or real and if it’s fake how did they do it? It looks real and if it is real it’s really, really weird. It sort of freaked me out when I saw it because it looks like it is genuine. I think it must be genuine. It is the first time I have seen something like this. Please leave a comment if your cat does this. I’d like to know. The reason for it? The cat enjoys doing it. It is just fun I guess. There can’t be any other reason. Someone suggested it is a form of cat spraying (marking) but that sounds very wrong to me. Perhaps the cat watched gymastics on the television and is copying it 🙂


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