Domestic cat grabs fish in his jaws from a pond – video

This is an impressive example of cat fishing but this cat is a domestic cat not a fishing cat which is a wild cat species skilled at fishing. I don’t think you could be much more skilled at fishing than this ginger tabby, however. Really quick movements, totally agile and absolutely up for the difficult task of grabbing a living and swimming fish out of a pond. Although the fish are near the surface. The wildcat within has suddenly come out! If you ever wondered whether your domestic cat was a whisker away from being wild then this video should rectify that misapprehension. It’s a good video for this reason. It’s quite instructional.

@tiktokcatsI couldn’t believe my eyes 🙀🔥 such a skill! ##tiktokcats

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The flat-headed and the fishing cats both like to spend a lot of time near streams and rivers and around water to catch their prey. They are expert at it but the fact of the matter is that all small wild cat species will, if they have to, prey on fish or aquatic animals of any kind such as amphibians e.g. frogs. They are opportunistic and they will take what they can get in the wild. When push comes to shove all wild cat species are able to catch fish if they have to and they can do it straight from the water.

Picture of ginger tabby cat fishing and succeeding from a pond
Picture of ginger tabby cat fishing and succeeding from a pond. Screenshot.
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