Domestic cat ‘guard dog’ catches thuggish burglar

We are in Burnley, England for this bit of typical criminality which normally goes unpunished in the UK. In fact the police don’t bother to turn up to burglaries in the UK most of the time.

Gorton and Toothless

Gorton and Toothless. Pics in the public domain.

On April 19th, a thuggish looking youth, Connor Gorton (see above), enters the home of Beth Carr and her fiancee during the night with an accomplice. He takes a phone and other possessions such as a play station and leaves the house undisturbed by the occupants.

Carr woke up the next morning and realised that they had been burgled because, for one, the front door was unlocked. She received a text message from Gorton saying she could buy back her own possessions.

Carr noticed that her cat, Toothless, was limping and that there was blood on the walls. She knew that her cat reacted badly towards strangers and wondered if Toothless had scratched Gorton.

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She called the police and a forensic team turned up. They found the blood on the walls and the DNA test from the blood matched that of Gorton who I presume was already on the police’s database because he is a prolific criminal having seven convictions from sixteen offences.

Gorton pleaded guilty to the burglary as the evidence was overwhelming thanks to domestic cats ‘guard dog’.

You see domestic cats can do more than just keep people company. It must have been a nasty scratch if there was blood over the walls. And as Toothless was limping I wonder if Gorton attacked Toothless who fought back.

Source: The Sun newspaper online.

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