Domestic cat hangs onto rescuer’s leg when removed from a tree

Cat hangs on to rescuers leg
Cat hangs on to rescuers leg. Video screenshot.
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This super looking mackerel tabby cat hanging on to his rescuer’s leg for grim death while he climbs down a ladder indicates to me that the cat is frightened of heights. I’ve just reminded myself of an article I wrote years ago about a cat thousands of feet up on a light fitting outside a skyscraper. The cat had jumped down onto a light fitting to get a nice view! It looks terrifying but this cat is barely more than fifteen feet off the ground.

The question is whether domestic cats are scared of heights. I don’t think they are. I don’t think the cat in the video is fearful of heights (but he just might be). It seems to me that he is pleased to be rescued and it doesn’t matter how it took place. It is, though, a cute video for the fact that the cat really does look scared and wants to get down quickly and safely.

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