Domestic cat literally runs up the underside of a staircase

Domestic cat literally runs upside down
Domestic cat literally runs upside down. Screenshot.
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In another example of the wonderful strength and athleticism of the domestic cat, this superb individual literally runs up the underside of a staircase. He is running upside down as if he is running on the floor and I find it amazing. It isn’t as if he is simply walking and climbing up the underside of the staircase. He is galloping up it as if he is on the ground. It seems to be a particularly attractive open staircase to a cat because it is covered in carpet on the underside which allows this cat to grip it very solidly. He would not be able to do this without the benefit of that carpet. Nonetheless, it’s awesome.

Mother cat carries kitten: Amazing feat of athleticism and courage

It’s about their sharp. gripping claws and the type of muscles that domestic cats have which are mainly fast-twitch fatiguing muscles. They’re the same kind of muscles which all cats have including the super-quick the cheetah. Both the domestic cat and the cheetah can accelerate and sprint very quickly for a short time. The fast-twitch action of these muscles provides them with the power to move quickly but they fatigue and so they can’t keep it up. They also overheat in extended fast sprints. The cheetah, for example, can get so hot over a 400-meter, 60+ mph, sprint that they simply have to stop for that reason. The amount of energy generated in those muscles permeates throughout their body and they have got to cool off.

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