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Domestic cat predation on mammals, birds and reptiles (N.America and Australia) — 12 Comments

  1. His name? Yes, it needs to be said. His name is Sutton. Richard Sutton. He loved the birds in his backyard, and hated his neighbor’s cats. Let’s just start a listing, of those who deigrate cats, especially in the field of education. grrrr….

  2. Rudimentary calculations re the Smithsonian’s estimate of the number of birds taken by domestic and feral cats mean that all birds have been extinct in N America for many years. First they should learn simple mathematics and then shut up.

    • And this was by the Smithsonian Instute? Well, I am thinking that the Smithsonian Instituit is worth nothing, when it comes to DSH and prey is worth nothing. Especially as far as statistics are worth.

      And then, what are they worth as far as prey upon domestic felines?

      • My thoughts are this: any organization who continues to prey upon the domestic feline, rather than the humans who seem to think that a bird species is far more important, deserves to preyed upon themselves, for I am a certain species of Biology who refutes this. And I have witnessed domestic cats being preyed upon by humans of a doctoral nature who seem to think that wild cats don’t deserve a chance to exist, while their own species of pets do.

          • Well. I would certainly rather see a biologist or Smithsonian alumni prey upon a fellow human, rather than upon a domestic feline who decides to take up respite with a fellow Lynx. 😉

        • For example, I witnessed a Professor who was applying for his PhD, tell my fellow peers to throw ice clods at a feral cat on East Campus, UNL. I was the only student who spoke up and told my fellow students to not do such an abominable thing to an innocent, scared animal…

  3. Michael, I really don’t rely on any statistics, when it comes to the numbers re felines and their prey. Do you?
    I don’t.

    • 90% are either misleading or misused but these are not bad only because they are a collation of a lot of studies. We still need more information though and we need to shut up the cat haters with an axe to grind.

  4. I think I’ll start calling you “De Queen of De-Nial”. After-all; you’re just as squeamish, spineless, and heartless of every other last ignorant, amoral and bambi-cartoon-educated cat-licking cat-lady that refuses to give any unwanted and uncared-for cat a humane death — instead ensuring they all suffer to death. But then, without suffering and dead cats on every continent to exploit on all your pages, there’d go your only real money-maker. Now wouldn’t it. LOL!!!

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