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Domestic cat shot with with bow and arrow in Abu Dhabi — 10 Comments

  1. And here we have a fan of Kristen Lindsey and ye are partly correct Seth James and if I saw ye and a cat on the side of the road bleeding out which do ye think I hope help and save,piss off Seth!

  2. Gawds blood I wish that KL would get an arrow in her neck,she has started a trend and I fear we will see more cases like this!

    • Oh look, Irish just proved to the whole world that Irish herself is a total psychopath and sociopath! 🙂 Is anyone else surprised? I’m not surprised. Not at all. Just another one of those sociopathic maniacal cat-lovers who would rather that all humans on earth were dead, except for them and their cats. (I know exactly why they are this way. Do you? 🙂 )

  3. my god, Eva, THAT is outrageous! THAT is what happens when parents dont teach their kids the value of life, or at least the value of someone elses property. though i hate 2 look at it in THAT manner. sometimes THAT is as good as u can get. i hope ur pets r better now. i wonder how ur neighbor would feel if u shot their kid with that same pellet gun?

    • You think of your neighbor’s property as nothing more than a free and maintenance-free litter box for all your cats’ feces and offensive spraying. Not to mention your using all their favorite animals for your cats to torture to death for your cats’ play-toys. So why should your neighbor care about your property that is actually destroying their property? You have absolutely nobody to blame but yourselves in how your neighbors treat your cats. Consider yourself very lucky if your neighbors allow your cats to remain living as long as they do, until they’ve worn out their destructive welcome. You get what you give.

  4. As to other objects being shot at cats>My neighbor shot both my cats in the hips and side with a plastic pellet gun.This incident took place in Jacksonville;Florida. The young shooter , in his teens , used my pets for target practice.Tiny plastic pellets penetrate the cats tender skin and are hard to spot. His parents did not compensate for the medical bills; however I called the police and they gave him a citation.

  5. Michael, can you share why you’re surprised at this form of animal abuse in Abu Dabhi? I realize that bows and arrows aren’t the usual way cats are abused. Is that what you mean by this “form”?

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