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Domestic Cat Urine Odor as Rodent Management Strategy in Crop Fields — 6 Comments

  1. Wonderful, this should be publicised far and wide to shut the cat haters up!
    We cat lovers have our very own parfum du chat (perfume of the cat) always on tap and now there is ‘pipi de chat’ (cat pee) to keep rodents away.
    Our late mother used to say when you have cats in the house you’ll never get rats and see, she was right!
    (unless the cats bring them home as presents for us of course lol)

    • You know me, Ruth. I’m always trying to improve the profile of the domestic cat in the eyes of the world because I fear that there are too many people who don’t like the domestic cat because of their distorted ideas about the cat and these false ideas need to be rectified.

  2. I think this is super!
    I hope it, eventually, winds up on supermarket shelves in spray bottles.
    I always knew cat pee was good stuff. I know that it can repel unwanted guests here and, now, rodents.
    I hope more studies are done to determine what other pests are repelled. I’d like to have those snooty people who don’t want cats in their gardens to shut up.

    • Dee do you think pipi de chat would keep Woody away?
      Oh we just have to bottle some and try 😉

      • I really would love to soak him down in cat pee and hear him cry like a little girl.
        It would cover up his own rancid pee pee smell for sure.
        But, it would be so much more fun to soak him in a “rat attract” liquid instead of a “rat repel” one.

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