Domestic cats allergic to overly-processed foods?

Are some domestic cat’s suffering from undiagnosed allergies because they are allergic to overly-processed pet food? Allergies and domestic cats are a bit of a mystery. There are so many potential allergens in the home which can cause an allergic reaction in a cat which is why they are difficult to pin down. They are a serious matter because an allergic reaction is highly distressing to a domestic cat. It can end up with the cat being euthanised. I believe more needs to be done to protect domestic cats against allergens and particularly allergens in their food.

Cat allegies can be caused by processed foods
Processed food for cats can cause allergic reactions. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay.
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Almost all domestic cat rely on heavily processed food to survive. Although there is a low level movement to feed cats with raw foods to which the veterinarians object for various reasons, one of which is that they don’t believe that pet owners can handle raw food properly. I have to say that I am a believer in raw foods because there are more natural. They are, however, hard to come by in the UK (prepackaged with supplements for cats).

The point I want to make in this short article is that there is a study out at the moment concerning people. I can’t access the study report itself and am therefore reliant on a very short report in The Times newspaper. It tells me that overly processed foods may account for the rise in the number of people with food allergies. The journalist goes on to state that the lack of natural parasites in the environment has made humans hypersensitive. The study suggested that our immune systems were being triggered by proteins rather than toxins.

It seems to imply that the human world is too sterile which prevents the human body from developing systems to deal with allergens in the normal way. I wonder if food allergies in domestic cats are sometimes caused by overly-processed pet foods. It’s a question worth asking because the anatomy of a cat is very similar to that of people. The basics are the same although of course there are some differences.

It’s interesting to note that one website,, says that raw food can cause an allergy in cats because they are allergic to common proteins. This surprises me because cats are obligate carnivores and therefore they rely on proteins as a major nutrient. It is my belief that an allergic reaction to processed foods should be curable by putting the affected cat on a properly controlled raw diet. It’s at least a strategy that should be employed to test whether it does work.

Logic dictates that if you feed a domestic cat an entirely natural diet it must be better for them than one which is entirely artificial. Of course there are potential problems with both and I’m not necessarily advocating a raw food diet because there are some dangers as the veterinarians point out. It has to be balanced so you have to add supplements and you have to handle the food properly to avoid bacterial contamination and contamination with other pathogens. But these issues being overcome, it’s better.

Rather strangely, it is quite difficult to find an article which provides a story about a cat’s food allergies being cured by raw cat food. There is a video on YouTube which tells us how a woman got rid of her allergies forever by eating raw foods but it is hard to find this kind of treatment for domestic cats. I would suggest people try it.

I’m concerned about so many domestic cats suffering from nasty allergies. They are hard to pin down to find the cause. In the meantime the cats suffer. I don’t like the thought of that.

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