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Domestic Cat’s Appearance Draws Us In — 11 Comments

  1. It’s obvious that the cynics have never spent any quality time with a cat. My cats have all loved me, each in his own special way. My current kitty-baby pays for being spoiled rotten by going out of his way to make me laugh. He bows up at me sideways, he “attacks” my hands with soft paws when I make scratching noises, and he “pops” his leg up in the air when he rubs against me. None of those things are done for convenience; they are signs of his affection for me.

    Hey Cynics! Eat your heart out! I know this because my cat does these things only for me and no one else.

  2. I’ve also worked with quite a few pet owning women of a similar age, who don’t have children by choice either.

    Perhaps it’s a generational thing? Women used to be considered selfish if they didn’t want children. Nowadays people are more likley to thank you for not contributing to the population explosion (lol).

    • I think you right about it being a generational thing. With almost half of marriages ending in divorce and equality (not quite there) women see themselves as much more independent unless they are using British divorce courts to obtain a lucrative divorce settlement to keep them living the good life for years. I suppose though the instinctive maternal drive on the sight of a baby (or kitten) probably applies to most women whatever their status.

  3. I’ve never had any desire to have children and babies hold no appeal for me whatsoever. My oldest friends (also cat owners) whom I’ve known since childhood feel the same way too.

    I’ve always liked cats. I like how they look and love the feel of their fur, but what appeals to me most about them is that beneath their fluffy exterior beats the heart of a semi-wild animal. It can take time and patience to win the trust of a cat, but for me that is what strengthens the bond as our relationship develops. I enjoy the challenge of becoming a cat’s friend 😉

    • Nice to hear from you on this. I wonder what percentage of women feel like you do about babies? It is probably higher than we imagine. Perhaps I have stereotyped women in the article.

  4. I think that most animal lovers are attracted to baby animals of any kind. All kinds of wild animal babies have been rescued and cared for. As these babies grow into adults, they can be very affectionate with their guardians, and may see them as a parent figure, since they have been dependent on them for life.

    Of course,kittens and puppies are the number one chosen pet. And many people treat them like children, probably Americans more than other countries.

    I was in line the other day, and heard a woman say she didn’t have grandchildren, but had a “grand-puppy”, a Yorkshire. She went on to say that she had purchased many toys and clothes for the pup. She said the puppy had a “closet full of dresses”.
    This is a sad statement on how clueless people are.

    Like the woman who tinted her cat pink for her party, and then the cat died. When you combine ignorance with ego gratification, the vulnerable population of animals and people will likely suffer.

    Michael, you mentioned recently that cats may be “schizo”. I read once that someone attributed this to the fact that although cats are wild, they also revert back to kitten behavior when they nuzzle and knead as they did when suckling at mom’s nipples.

    My cat has been in and out of the vet in the past few months for ear infection and constipation issues. Watching her severe reactions to the various drugs led me to believe that she was dying.

    Only when she climbed on my lap and began kneading did I feel relieved that she was o.k. She seems to be getting back to normal, but I’m watching her carefully.

    I care for her as I would any living being in my care, providing the best food I can, a clean box, comfortable sleeping areas, affection, play time, and medical care when necessary. She’s not my child, but she’s dependent on me as an indoor cat.

    I have to admit that having a cat gives my life meaning. More so now that I’ve discovered so much I didn’t know in my research, and wanting to share that with others.

    • She said the puppy had a “closet full of dresses”.

      This is a person totally allowing rational thought to be be taken over by instinct and emotion. A clear sign that baby-like features in ‘pets’ are aesthetically pleasing and desirable.

      A lot of people are like this. It is about education and lack of it. It is also ignorance and as you say ego-gratification.

      You care for your cat as well as you would care for your child but you recognise her as a cat (obviously). This is important. It is about respecting the cat.

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