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Domestic cats are as smart as bears but not as smart as dogs — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve had both dogs and cats throughout my life. While dogs learn, usually rather quickly, and thrive to please their humans, cats seem to out shine them for the most part. Cats get a bad reputation for being less intelligent because those doing the studies prefer dogs. Plus the cat’s independence is mistaken for lack of intellect. Poor kitties. I find that most “scientists” conduct studies with blinders on, never truly seeing the entire picture before making their conclusion. They start the studies with a preconceived notion of what the outcome will be and stick with that line of thinking, never looking at all possibilities.

  2. our feral colony demonstrated group living and quite frankly I find dogs stupid , needy and their main drive in life is to guard their food resource. Their human guardian.
    In the world of nature dogs are blunt instruments while cats are fine tuned machines or grace, beauty and efficiency.
    This endless debate and tilted studies to prove dogs are superior pets is tiresome. If you like dogs get a dog if you like cats get a cat.
    Pets are a personal preference I find dogs annoying, stupid, needy and just tiresome.
    This is not dog bashing I’m simply trying to explain that keeping a pet is based on preference if you use intelligence as your guideline you may end up very disappointed with the animal.
    We had dogs early in our marriage and it always felt like a lead weight strapped to our sides.

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