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Domestic Cats are Vulnerable to Abuse by Mentally Ill People — 9 Comments

  1. We have adopted out several cats to people who had different degrees of emotional or mental disorders. The ones who came to adopt a pet as a attempt to change their life none of those adoptions went well. We asked that question on the application WHY DO YOU WANT TO ADOPT A PET. We adopted to people who had emotional, mental and even physical disorders who stated that they were adopting because they loved cats and wanted to give a cat a loving home most were previous cats owners. Those adoptions were fine! The difference is looking at the background history as far as pets and the reasons for adoption the people who had stated that the cat would be a benefit and change their life were disappointed with their unrealistic expectations of a cat making them BETTER, The People who wanted to adopted to give a better life to the cat they had no expectations of what the cat would do for them.

  2. Cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasite (permanent in your brain once you get it) also causes memory-loss, schizophrenia, ADHD, intermittent explosive disorder (IED), epilepsy, blindness, brain-cancers, and even depression and nearly 2X’s the risk of suicide in women. If you’re going to call cats a help to mental-health, then I’d say it’s less than a wash (equally negating principles). It is worse than a wash. Cats and their common brain-hijacking parasites cause far more mental and emotional health problems than they’ll ever help with.

    And just remember, a brain damaged by Toxoplasma gondii parasites cannot tell that is has been damaged. I’d ask you to think about that but that is clearly impossible.

    • I guess you are Woody. I’ll publish your comment this time with one proviso. You cannot make these outrageous statements without hard scientific evidence. You will be unable to produce it. It does not exist. Yes, we know that toxoplasmosis exists. We know that cats through their faeces can transmit it to humans. We know that a significant percentage of humans carry the toxoplasmosis protozoan. But there is no scientific evidence by which I mean hard scientific evidence which tells us how prevalent these issues are as referred to by you. You are a cat hater. You are trying to malign the domestic cat.

  3. Michael – we know there are many aspects of how our brains function that still leave Doctors and scientist pondering over as they attempt in vain to make the puzzle piece fit into the box. I have studied a bit on mental illness in all it’s forms____
    and from what I’m reading on his face I see autism but also an underlying criminal tendency towards animals and humans.
    I think Darren Annovi has been a victim himself somewhere in his life. This of course does not condone his despicable actions or change anything.

    This man will and can do worse if left to his own will. so unfortunate about that poor defenseless cat & sounds like something out of the movie “Apt Pupil” by Steven King’

    • I think you are very astute, Eva. It is sad for the person as well but it is sadder for the cat. It is hard to criticise people with mental illness but sometimes animals need to be protected from them just people need to be protected as well. Thanks Eva.

  4. Someone can be severely mentally ill and still have the concept of right and wrong. Having a mental illness is not a get out of jail free card.

    • Yes, well said ME. A lot of criminals plead “diminished responsibility”, a form of temporary mental illness to get out of criminal behaviour.

  5. Cats have helped a lot of mentally ill people. Don’t group all mentally ill in one large group! I have had chronic depression and panic attacks for most of my life. My cats have been there for the good times and the bad times. I have always cared for them very well. I have also fostered cats and kittens. It gives me purpose! So not all mentally ill people are animal murderers.

    • I agree with you completely. I’ll add your comment to the middle of the page. Thanks Heather for your contribution and good luck.

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