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Domestic cats can be unaware of potential human-created dangers

Domestic cat does not perceive human-created danger

Sometimes cats just don’t understand the potential dangers they place themselves in. I suppose that this cat sees the children skateboarding around him and instinctively presumes that they will always avoid him. He does not consciously have these thoughts but that is the end result of his behavior. He can’t rationalise the possibility that one of the boys (or the girl) might not see him and hit him. Or that one of them might fall off and hit him.

Thought: this may have been set up to a certain extent. I have a sense that it might have been. The cat sits on the paved track. A guy sees the cat and asks the kids to scooter and skateboard around him with the plan of then placing bollards around the cat as you see in the video. The objective: to get some video hits. Everyone is trying to do that. It can make some easy money.

All the potential dangers of this situation are not perceived in contrast to human thoughts. One reason might be because this cat does not have the experience in his interactions with people to recognise specific dangers associated with certain activities. Or he simply fails to understand the activities and that they can be dangerous to him.

However, not many cats would position themselves on a paved area like this amongst human activity. He must be used to it. He may have learned that it is safe from previous experience but…he’s mistaken as he fails to recognise potential dangers. Many cats would find this unsettling or frightening.

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