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Domestic cats consciously choose when to extend their claws in play — 5 Comments

  1. Very TRUE and nice article, rightly said,”The guardian of a young cat needs to be alert to dangers. This is common sense again but it needs to be said again too.”

  2. I think you would have enjoyed the programme, so I’d encourage you to watch it. If you get bored, you can always use the “off” button 😉

    They featured Cat Island, Japan, which is populated solely with feral cats. I noticed a number of them had bobbed or short tails. I’m also curious to hear your opinion regarding the actions of the “babysitter” cat.

    I think either through play with siblings or gentle guidance from humans, most cats learn claw manners. I like teaser toys because they provide cats with an opportunity to unleash their wild side without anyone getting hurt. People sometimes forget that play releases predatory instincts and using your hands instead of toys is just asking for trouble.

  3. Nice to hear Gabriel has been brought up to have good manners 🙂

    I must admit, when I read the title of the article I thought it was perhaps in response to the BBC2 programme “Pets: Wild At Heart” which was broadcast yesterday evening. They mentioned the same thing about a cat and dog playing together. If you didn’t catch this programme I can highly recommend it. Some amazing camera work and interesting insights into our pets’ behaviours.

    • I was going to watch it. I still might. But because I read so much about cats I feel I know what the programme will say. Don’t get me wrong, I am not being boastful. It is just that I don’t believe the programme will keep my interest. Also, I am not that interested in TV anymore. I thought of the article suddenly when Gabriel noticeably smacks me with his claws. He never has them out for me. But with “prey” he does.

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