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Domestic cats frightened by banana skins. Why? — 1 Comment

  1. Caution when encountering something new is a survival tactic which has served cats well for thousands of years.

    Smell is their primary sense and helps them identify new objects and recognise familiar ones. Their eye placement and poor vision in bright daylight, make vision their second or even third sense (behind hearing). A cat won’t live long if they rush in to investigate every new thing they encounter. The neck stretching (for a better smell), quick smack with a paw to provoke a response and a quick jump back in anticipation of a reacion, are the safest approach. They’re trying to see whether it’s something they can eat or which may try to eat them. Perhaps also the shape of a banana or it’s skin are reminiscent of snakes and most cats seem hardwired to be wary around anything snakelike.

    I’m willing to bet that most of the cats in these videos are indoor-only. I’ve seen a similar response to an upturned slipper, when we lived in an apartment. Cats with access to a garden are constantly encountering new sights and smells, giving them a much larger scale of reference.

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