Domestic cats love snow and ice

Cat in snow
Cat in snow. They normally love it because it is something new and stimulating.
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Domestic cats love snow and ice because it is something different. Perhaps it isn’t something different to cats living in Canada or in the north of the US but for a lot of cats it is unusual. And something unusual is stimulating and exciting. There’s a moral behind it which is that we can always do more to get our cat’s brains working, thinking and be challenged in a nice way. Domestic cats function better when their brains are challenged a bit. They are built that way. Come to think about it so are humans. The cat’s mind and body needs to be worked to be in tiptop condition.

I would expect that you would not see quite the same excitement for Canadian domestic cats. Is that correct? They must get used to it to the point where it is entirely normal in their lives. Domestic cats don’t seem to mind the cold when they’re playing in snow and nice. They disregard it completely as, perhaps, their excitement overrides the sensation of cold.

You see some enjoyable videos of cats skating on iced-over ponds trying to chase the fish. An iced-over pond is like a giant iPad with a cat app playing on it of fish squirming around. The natural version is the best. Do domestic cats scratch the screens of iPads? I decided that they didn’t. It must be to do with the hardness of the keratin of their claws in comparison to the hardness of the gorilla glass screen. The latter is harder than the former so you don’t get scratches.

P.S. Wikipedia says: “Gorilla Glass is a brand of chemically strengthened glass developed and manufactured by Corning, now in its seventh generation, designed to be thin, light and damage-resistant”.

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