Domestic cats need politicians who like cats and here is one example!

North Carolina Governor Cooper is seen in this photograph holding Bing, a Siamese type shelter cat, and smiling. Melissa’s Facebook post tells us that he and the First Lady of North Carolina are very involved in the adoption and fostering of animals from local shelters. They’ve adopted a cat themselves from a shelter found outside the Governor’s mansion and Melissa tells us that they are wonderful role models for the adoption and fostering of shelter animals. And it is that point that needs to be stressed.

North Carolina Governor Cooper and Bing
North Carolina Governor Cooper and Bing. Photo: Facebook
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Top politicians; politicians who lead a state or country can influence the behaviour of millions. They set the tone. They can create a culture shift. It might not be much because it is very difficult to change a culture but a little is better than nothing and whenever you can improve animal welfare throughout an American state you are doing something very useful.

Along with millions of other people, I’ve always stated that if a person genuinely likes animals and genuinely wants to help animals, they must have a good heart and they are probably very genuine people. These are qualities which are to be praised in politicians. Politicians, in general, have a bad reputation for being less than genuine. This is because they are political and when push comes to shove make decisions based upon what is good for the party and what is good for themselves politically.

But if politicians make decisions based upon what is the right thing to do on an absolute moral basis the world would be a better place. And, of course, I am always interested in animal welfare and how politicians can assist in improving it. That’s why I am spending a few moments in promoting this man and his wife.

Turning my attention to the UK, my mind turns to Boris Johnson, the current prime minister. Both he and his party have turned away from a promise to improve animal welfare in the UK and also to take steps to do more to reduce global warming. They turned away from these laudable goals because Boris Johnson has screwed up over the Covid lockdowns as the world knows. He broke the social distancing rules.

And because of that he has lost voters because he ostensibly lied about his misdeeds; the voters who got into power in the first place with a huge majority. Therefore, he has to try and get them back and in doing that he has to tackle the so-called cost of living crisis in the UK. In tackling that as a priority something else has to give because money is short thanks to an overly generous furlough package. And what gives? Animal welfare as it is something which is always considered of a low priority.

So, I am going to blame Boris Johnson for reneging on his promise to improve animal welfare in the UK, an objective which was no doubt placed in his head by his wife Carrie Johnson who is a well-known animal advocate. You wonder how his wife has perceived his change of course. She won’t like it. But he will defend himself by saying that unless he does something like this he will be kicked out of parliament.

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