Domestic Cats Not on the List of Deadliest Killers

The cat haters should shut up. They love to bleat on about killer domestic cats. How they kill billions of birds, blah blah blah, yaddah….and how they poison people with diseases…boring. Woody shut up now. As we on PoC have always said, with great common sense, the human is one of the planet’s top killers. “It” (the human) is only second to the mosquito as a world killer of people. I am a bit surprised that sad human has been beaten into second place. I had never thought of the mosquito as the world’s greatest serial killer but now I do think about it, it makes sense.

World's deadliest animals

So, so what are we to make of this list? It is rather predictable, to be honest. Except, perhaps, for the mosquito leading the list. Humans being in second place as the world’s most deadly killer is predictable. An interesting statistic is the high placement of the domestic dog. The dog is 25 times more lethal to people than the crocodile. As stated the domestic cat is not on the list at all and yet there appears to be more cat haters then there are dog haters. It is a peculiar world.

Beware the freshwater snail! It kills 10,000 people annually. I presume the snail is not goring people to death in a bloody attack but that people are eating snails that poison them.

What is not on this list is the mountain lion. As I recall, the mountain lion has killed about 18 people in 100 years in America. Clearly this translates to 0 people being killed on an annual basis in recent times. I hope Americans get the message that it is entirely possible to live peaceably with the mountain lion in America and that there is no need to hunt it with dogs and shoot it out of trees for the pleasure of it!

As for the endless scares about domestic cats spreading toxoplasmosis, poisoning people and sending them into madness, those scares were madness in themselves. The domestic cat is frightened of people and runs away from people whereas the domestic dog not uncommonly attacks people, particularly children. This is the fault of people: let’s remind ourselves of that because when a domestic dog kills a child in a home it is because an adult person has bought a large, possibly dangerous dog and placed that dog in the same immediate vicinity as a child, which is a highly irresponsible act.

Human irresponsibility in respect of the domestic cat results in the cat being hurt and not the person.

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Domestic Cats Not on the List of Deadliest Killers — 11 Comments

  1. What an interesting list! Cats aren’t even on it! Come on Woody where are you? Why not turn your attention to hating mosquitos seeing as they are top of the list of killers…lol

  2. well at least that good news that the cats arent on the wanted list anymore i alwys thought humans were more killers than kids. So amazing about the mosquitoes theres lots of those over here in nz along the beach and west coast areas they come out in the dozen thankfully im no where near there.

  3. I’m a little surprised that mosquitoes are #1 too and am very pleased that domesticated cats aren’t even on the list.
    My focus is always turned to those animals that kill without being provoked. And, that seems to boil down to humans as #1 and sharks as #2.
    I can already hear Woody’s idiotic argument echoing in my head.

    • We wait for Woody. The internet shark! Not really, more an internet jelly fish 😉 I suppose if you factored in the total amount of destruction of any kind including killing people, humans are miles ahead miles of anything.

      • LOL! Jelly fish!
        They look placid and harmless washed up on the shore, but their sting is mighty!

  4. Proof indeed that cats aren’t anywhere near as dangerous as some make them out to be, bang goes another declawing excuse. I suppose the sheer number of mosquitos must help to get them to the top of the charts, followed closely by the sheer number of humans who are also handy at killing each other for any and every reason. Dogs, well I can well believe big things like our neighbour has could easily savage and kill a baby, child or even an adult. I hope Woody the Woodman sees this, it’ll take the wind out of his sails a bit.

  5. Excellent comparison chart that factually depicts the greatest murderers on planet earth. The joke is that its the “Mosquito” that takes the number 1 spot, beating us humans to the No 2 spot.As for house-hold pets its surprising that man’s best friend features very high on the list, much higher than the largest carnivores on planet earth. As for the cat, it features nowhere in the list and yet has been receiving bad press compared to the dog.

    • The 25,000 people killed by the domestic dog annually is shocking as you say and it supports the view that medium to large dogs could be too dangerous. After all they live with people and the less they are thoroughly domesticated they can be dangerous under certain circumstances. Whereas the domestic cat, at worst, can scratch or bite someone causing an infection.

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