Domestic cats that look like lions

People search for domestic cats that look like lions. They may have seen a photo. There is only one domestic cat that truly looks like a lion. It is a very carefully selectively bred Maine Coon cat and two examples are on this page. You can see what I mean immediately.

Maine Coon that looks like a lion
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Maine Coon that looks like a lion.

Maine Coons lend themselves to looking like lions because they already have strong, square muzzles and they are the largest cat breed. If a breeder tries hard enough and models her cats on a lion she can gradually create domestic cats that look like lions. Of course I am referring to the head. You’ll never be able to breed a domestic cat that walks like a lion because it is about bulk.

You might find an individual random bred cat who by chance has developed into a mini-lion but they’ll be exceptionally rare and you don’t know where they are. The Maine Coon is the cat for the job. There is also a breeder who makes their faces look human. Selective breeding is a bit like slow motion clay modelling.

Maine Coon that looks like a lion

Maine Coon that looks like a lion

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It is just about years of careful breeding which brings me to the last point. Is it morally right to create cats in this way? Breeders are satisfying the public’s desire to possess an interesting creature for status or to amuse themselves while earning some money. I can’t be too critical because it is very human but people cat do better and adopt from a shelter.

What might the cats on this page cost at the date of this post? They’s have to be at the top end of the price range for a purebred cat excepting F1 Savannahs. I’ll have to guess and say at least $2,000 or the same in pounds in the UK.

I believe that Russians breed the best and most outstanding looking Maine Coons. That’s a barrier to Americans as I’m pretty sure that the people who are looking for lion faced Maine Coons are Americans.

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