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Domestic Cats That Look Like Tigers — 14 Comments

  1. All cats are beautiful, the colour or the breed shouldn’t matter one bit to a true cat lover, each and every cat has his/her own personality and shouldn’t be judged on their appearance.

  2. Beautiful tabby. I have a special Love for Tabby Cats I know its just their markings on their Coat but I do believe they have a special Personality which sets them out from the rest.

  3. This is the stray cat that lives in my building compound in Mumbai and has the temperament of a “Persian Cat”, very docile and tame.At the recently held “Mumbai Cat Show” in Mumbai there was a scheme to breed the local street cat of Mumbai like the one shown in the photo into a established cat called the “BILLI” breed. “Billi” means cat in Hindi language.Nice to know that the “Toyger” breed cat has its origins from Kashmir.Strangely most exotic cat breeds like the “Bengal Cat”, “Bombay Cat” and the “Toyger” have its origins in India and hope a few years or a decade down the line we have the “BILLI” from Mumbai.

    • This stray cat has a hint of the tiger about him with wonderful tabby stripes. You’re right that a few American cat breeders have travelled to India to find street cats to breed from back in the USA. There must be something about the Indian cats.

        • Vijay, thanks for commenting. If you are looking after a domestic cat, then feed her/him with the best wet cat food you can get your hands on. Good luck.

  4. Any breed would be good …. depends on the type of personality & characteristics you want in your companion. I think “any” that you can love or will love you back is what matters. I love all types of fur angels … to me. I don’t think it matters

  5. Domestic cats with nice tabby stripes are pretty common. What might have been a good selling point would be to breed or out cross for a more reddish tone. But then they would look like Bengals. There is too much overlap with existing breeds and random-bred cats. There are many striped and spotted cats in Cyprus just as good-looking as any Toyger, and many are rather big.

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