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Domestic Cats That Turn Feral — 2 Comments

  1. I adopted a male cat from a rescue shelter 7 months ago and he seemed to settle in until we let him go outside one winter day and we were shocked that we couldn’t get him to come inside which he did after much pleading and going out to get him, from that day on he seemed obsessed about going out everyday and staying outside all day and until 10:00 at night only to come in to feed, we find dead mice left here and there around our door, is this kitten becoming feral, now at 8 months he won’t let us pick him up anymore and runs away, when he comes in at night he feeds then runs downstairs in the garage and stays there till morning, what kind of behavior is this?

    • This is not abnormal behavior but rare. My theory is that some domestic cats prefer to be feral. Their innate desire is to be free and wild and not domesticated. They don’t understand the dangers but it does not concern them. It is not surprising as the domestic cat is very close to the wild cat in terms of mentality. They are barely domesticated. When a domestic cat goes outside he reverts to the wild. It is like throwing a switch. In this case the switch stays on. My mother had a cat who did this. He disappeared to the golf course opposite her home and only came back when he was very old and infirm which was years later. Thanks for sharing Pauline.

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