Domestic kittens colored with bright dye are used to train fighting dogs

I can’t access this story but have found the video. The discovery of brghtly dyed cats has occurred before. This is a recent story coming out of Youngstown, Ohio and brought to the internet by WKBN. That news agency bars people in Europe from visiting their website because they are too lazy to put in place a privacy policy to comply with EU regulations.

Dyed cat for dog fighting bait
Dyed cat for dog fighting bait
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Anyway they have a video which is below and which explains the reason why this animal warden has found some cats with the lighter areas of their coats dyed a bright color. Each cat will have a different color to identify the cat. This allows the obnoxious people involved in dog fighting to place bets on which cat will survive the longest. This trains the dogs to kill and provides the men with some entertainment at the same time.

The cats in the video are kittens. That may be deliberate to avoid damage to the dogs. Adult cats could harm the dogs before they were inevitably killed. For instance a dog could be blinded which would wreck the fighting ‘career’ of that animal.

Because these kittens were found alive it must mean that they were not used as bait in training fighting dogs but where prepared for that role. Therefore someone freed them or they escaped or the men involved no longer needed the kittens for some reason.


Kittens dyed for dog baiting

Kittens dyed for dog baiting

The fact that humans do this is an incredibly strong indication of the highly unpleasant nature and attitude of a section of society in general and specifically towards animals. They get away with it. The police don’t find and convict these people. It is all done is strict secrecy. An underworld of animal cruelty which is going on right now in a barn somewhere is rural America. And it happens in many other countries.

I have to say this sort of behavior is also a reflection on humans in general. Taking humankind as a whole and excluding the many fine people who care deeply about animal welfare, there is this perverted relationship with animals which drives men (yes, it is always the male of the human species) to abuse, use, exploit and be cruel to the planet’s animals. Why? There is no need for it. It is dark stain on the human’s behavioral traits.

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