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Donald Jr (left) and Eric Trump (right) posing with a leopard they shot on a hunting trip to Africa — 7 Comments

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  2. I have despised the Trump family for many years. Their attitude toward “regular” folks is demeaning and derogatory. They couldn’t find their way our of a barn if they had directions! I’ve been on the outs with my own family about Trump’s ability to be a president instead of a spoiled rotten baby! I dislike most politicians because of their greedy, gimme, gimme attitude. This country can be great again, but not with the village idiot at the helm.

  3. The mentality of those who voted for trump symbolize the deep sickness of America, which is present in every neighborhood, rich or poor. It makes me glad that I don’t have too long before I will dead.

    I don’t watch TV, and can’t believe that people actually watch Trump’s daily activities. It’s like looking at the behavior of mental patients in an institution, called America.

    • I sypmathise Sandy. America is such a great country. I love America and yet Trump and his family show America in a poor light. They look foolish and backward. I agree that his antics damage the image of America. And as you know I simply detest trophy hunting. President Trump does not trophy hunt but he defends his kids; not much difference. Trump is damaging wildlife conservation worldwide.

  4. I am not proud to say that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. He is the antithesis of a rational, forward thinking, concerned leader. I cannot even understand the mentality of those who supported his campaign and voted for him in the election. 🙁

    • His election pretty much shocked Europeans. I believe his presence hurts America and its international image. To support his sons’ trophy hunting upsets me. It goes against what should be happening: the end of trophy hunting. It is time to stop it and for world leaders to commit to true wildlife conservation.

  5. All of these people sicken me. I saw these photos when they were first published. By these people I mean trophy hunters as well as these specific people (the Trumps) and all of their political cohorts and lemming followers.

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