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Donald Trump brings cats into the presidential election campaign — 1 Comment

  1. During September of this year, anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of migratory birds suddenly perished in states including New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, and Arizona. Researchers are looking towards climate change as a contributing factor in the deaths. For example, Colorado has experienced — in 2020 alone — its 3 largest wildfires in history due to record temperatures and extreme drought. Perhaps the exposure to the carbon monoxide from the fires led to the birds’ demise? Or, perhaps the massive wildfires forced a change to the birds’ normal migratory patterns? In addition, states such as Colorado experienced near record-breaking temperature drops in early September in which the mercury was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit one day and slightly over 30 degrees with snow the next day. Some of the deceased birds appeared to be at two-thirds their normal weight, which led investigators to speculate the sudden temperature drop caused a die off in the insect population that the birds required for their sustenance.

    Perhaps individuals who are genuinely concerned about declining bird populations (I doubt Trump TRULY cares…) should be focused on climate issues instead of wind turbines and feline predators? I might add that birds aren’t the only wildlife affected by climate change.

    Source: “What’s going on with all the dead birds across Colorado and the Southwest” by Sam Tabachnik and appearing in the September 24, 2020, issue of The Denver Post.

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